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Name Police and when GM's Attack.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2005 3:43 pm    Post subject: Name Police and when GM's Attack. Reply with quote

With all the recent policing of Guild Names, Character names and Bots from the outside it looks like Blizzard is trying hard to maintain the game in a positive manner. I mean the rules were stated about what is right and wrong and what was not appropriate.

On or around Nov 27th one of our members got an email that his characters name was in violation of trademarks. Note that however his name lasted through all the craziness that was EQ for a very long time. Eviljedi does sort of push the limit if you trademark Jedi. However if you do a search of the copywrite office you will find that many people have made claim to the word Jedi. So really who is to say that Jedi is a single trademark or copy write is in my opinion is wrong. To say that Eviljedi is a violation I believe is pushing the extreme of singling out people or pop culture. Here is an example of one of the copy write claims:

1. Registration Number: VAu-534-380
Title: Jedi : pattern 89002.
Description: Textile.
Claimant: Microfibres, Inc.
Created: 2001
Registered: 10Jan02
Author on © Application: design on sheetlike material: aKatsuyuki Inoue , 1942-, author of work made for hire.

Now Eviljedi was upset his name was changed but settled into a new name overtime. However look here:

Seems that the Filter (if there ever was one) missed this one. Maybe the daily database search of names that blizzard does missed this one? No, I rather guess that some retard reported our members name and it got changed.

What I find funny is that we have guilds on this server that violate the naming policy or don't understand that Cap Locks does not need to stay on all the time. We have many people on this server with Stupid names, names that are simply hidden messages of sexual or peverse humor and lastly we have people like above who clearly are in violation of the naming policy.

A few weekends ago I was contacted by a GM. I figured he was going to say I was doing something wrong as I had my girlfriendís character in tow to grind out a few levels. Nope, what he wanted to tell me was to inform my guild that grieving other players is not ok. Come to find out that the members in question were never contacted by the GM and if they were would have heard their side of the issue. Instead the GM took it upon himself to Judge and Serve not the people in question but me. World of Warcraft is a game of conflict if you havenít heard by now. Itís the Horde vs the Alliance. Now how is it that fearing mobs that might aid the Horde or Hinder them a violation? I mean these mobs in question are FAIR GAME to both sides? If it was a PvP server you know it would be on, however on the PvE its easier to harass people by doing things not to get PvP flagged. So once again the quick to fix GM sided with the horde person. Why let a Alliance player Tame a mob? So inturn why let a Horde player kill mobs. Seems to be fair play, I mean if you want have it out /pvp right? Wrong.

Now we come to what I ran into today. I was out looking for a copy of WoW. Now any other game that would be very uninteresting however not the case with WoW. I visited 5 stores and number 6 out of 10 had not 1 but 3 copies. I was quick to snatch up a copy after I was allowed to wedge my way between 2 grossly misinformed mmorgp shoppers. I wish they would have bought a copy of Guildwars rather then Wow, but we can't filter who buys what. What got me was in their conversation back and forth I overheard that one copy was for a Son. Now far from it for me to judge who gets what but it brought me back to the whole subject of Blizzard Police. See this has to be one the biggest Online games out there now, with a mix of hardcore online game players, and people who enjoyed Starcraft. What do you get? A population of people who are at a clash. See the hardcore people are all bitching about the Servers being down and then you have the 10 year old who is bitching that his character squidwurd just got PvP bitch smacked on a PvE server.

Doomhammer does have it share of drama already it seems. See these posts on our "Server" forum to see what I mean.

But Alas Blizzard seeks to entertain us with this on their frontpage news

I ask with all this Drama, Issues of GM abuse, and Name Nazis,
blizzard explain this:

All I ask is that my members get treated with an ounce of respect before they are judged and then served. Most of the Guild is ex-EQ raiding players. Meaning we know that an online game is not perfect and we expect for things to go south now and then as we adjust to a new game and community. However none of us had our Mom buy a copy of the game for us and as such deserve to be treated fairly and deserve to have our issues and concerns answered in a timely manner.

"I play hockey and I fornicate, 'cause those are the two most fun things to do in cold weather." -'Skank' Marden:Mystery, Alaska
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2005 4:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm Surprised my name has flown under the radar screen...
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2005 12:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Does seem to be some awfully fuzzy line drawing going on on the part of Bliz here. Allusions to a pop-cultre icon seem to be okay sometimes, not okay others. Possibly too much GM discression involved, which is not neccesarily a good thing.

Shady point in question, the "Stable Master Wesley" thing. Very fuzzy line here. While anyone looking can see the reference being made, Bliz can still get away with it since the referance is being made to a character named "Westley" (note the T). Still too close in my opinion, and as Bliz prooved with the taming/fearing incident apparently the opinion of one person is all that matters when it comes to enforcing the rules they have laid out for us.

The current way Bliz is handling policy enforcement is questionable at best, deplorable would be a more accurate term, and truth be told on the rare occasions that a person does actually receive a GM response to a legitimate concern, the response is so ladden with issue evasion that the GM comes across sounding as tacky as Eviljedi's name would have been had he spelled it "EvilJedeye" and thus circumvented the naming policy... Kinda like Bliz did in your example Pas...

Unfortunately, Bliz seems to be following the wishes of the player base. A situation I witnessed recently: A player soloed their way through even to +4 mobs to finally get to the named boss needed for a quest. Having done similar I know how much effort and determination that took on their part. The boss battle was no treat either.

Seconds from having the boss defeated a second player charges through the recently cleared camp and demands to be invited to group. Simply on the basis of being told "invite me now damnit!" the first player declined. The second player then took the issue to general chat with this quote "Fuck, you jackass I needed to kill him to, you could have fucking invited me you prick common courtesy dictates that you let me join thanks a fucking lot!"

The response from those in general chat would have had a person believing that the player who had actually done the work and cleared the camp had instead been passing the time roasting kittens on a spit. There were litterally dozens of replies of "Yeah, I hate it when people won't help someone that asks" to "There are alot of assholes who won't share quest mobs in this game" to "Really fucking nice asshole, why don't you go camp the noob quest mobs too".

A trip to the general boards will show that of those actually voicing an opinion, the respondants to the situation above are the majority. The majority of the vocal player base seems to be of the mind set that those actually doing the work should give everyone who demands it a "free ride"because it's only "common courtesy" yet that same courtesy doesn't extend to them actually asking.. nevermind that they actually ask nicely.

My hope is that this vocal majority is actually the minority and most of us just don't care to get involved in the petty bickering so we just go about our business quietly. Unfortunately if that is the case, then what Bliz is doing when they claim they are listening to "the player base" is listening to the people like those mentioned in my example. Which while going a long way to explain alot of the handling of issues in game far from excuses the blatanly unfair tactics Bliz is employing. Again my hope is that at some point the rest of us will actually manage to get a word in edgewise and be heard. I am not holding my breath.

In the mean time, hats off to "Gimlie" the Dwarf, "Leggolus" the Night Elf and "Erogorne" with all of that names many incarnations. You have worked your way around a naming policy designed to save us from your tasteless aspirations to pseudo-heroism without even a hint of the tongue-in-cheek humour that I saw in EJ's original choice of name (again while "technically" wrong, it was wrong with a twist!). While you're at it why don't you go cash-in on easy quest rewards by hanging around boss mobs and waiting for someone with more dedication than you to come along and do most of the work for you, kill a few tames, and jack up prices beyond any resembalance of legitimacy so it can trickle down and we can all pay 3g for a single minor mana potion..... It's not like Bliz is going to actually do anything about it.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2005 7:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Actually, I ran into "Aragorn" the other day in Duskwood (might have been Aragon"...

Only name I've /petitioned so far is "Antichrist"...
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2005 1:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Buck and I seen a person with the name of CumDumpster
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2005 2:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yeah that's what I want to see.

CumDumpster joined the guild.
CumDumpster has come online.

I saw an undead warlock named Necrofiliak, but if you thinking about it, since he's undead it makes sense... I mean if 2 undeads get married... they have to be necrophiliacs... right?
Khalshazar - Undead Rogue - Draka
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2005 3:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Bah Dum Dum...

The game is new and WoW seems to want to do right by everyone which could wind up being a mistake in the long term if not fixed. However due to its being new we need to give them time and be vocal in what we consider should occur in the game. If we let the Vocal Minority/Majority have the ear of the developer's GMs then that is the direction the game is going to take regardless of how we feel.

Yesterday someone was talking about someone abusing the AH but not in such a way that it is really against the rules unless they could be tracked as an EBAYer. Pasanine stated that a ticket should be opened. Even if nothing happens with that one ticket if enough tickets are opened on that person they may look into.

Basically all Im saying is the game is new, the GMs are new and we need to give it time and participate and not let stuff slide.
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