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Blizzcon 2010!

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The Angry

Joined: 22 Jan 2005
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 10:06 am    Post subject: Blizzcon 2010! Reply with quote

I have the virtual ticket and am watching the opening ceremony as I type this. Look for this post to be continually updated as I keep you all informed of what awesome stuff is being announced!

Due to my connection not keeping up I'm actually watching a couple minutes behind but I'll most likely just be updating this after each section.
If requested I will go back and watch something I did not watch live to get yas information on it as you can see there are multiple things happening at one time.

Schedule here:

Opening Ceremony
    -Pandaren monk resulted in $1.1 million donated to make a wish
    -Moonkin Hatchling charity donation pet coming up next month
    -Auctioning off actual WoW server hardware for charity 100% donated
    -~489,000 Lich King Kills
    -Ghosts of the Past SC2 cinematic was most watched on Youtube for a week
    -91 million ranked SC2 battles since release
    -Pre-order Cataclysm from Blizzard, Pre-download client and play the very second the servers are up @ 12am Pacific Dec 7th.

Diablo 3 Gameplay
    -5th Player class Demon Hunter!
    -PvP Battle arenas including team based battles

    Demon Hunter!
    -Demon Hunter was chosen for a ranged class using traps as well
    -Demon hunter described like a bounty hunter type
    -Uses shadow magics as well
    -They wanted a dark, swift, mysterious, medieval, ranged character
    -Not born into class, Demon Hunters are recruited by other Demon Hunters and work together based on revenge.
    -Dual Wield Crossbows
    -Bola shot = ranged + gadget, bola wraps around target and explodes
    -Vault = shadow theme/acrobatic ease of movement
    -Spike trap = set from range, pops up in spinning spikes after target approaches
    -Grenades = actually bounces off walls and around corners
    -Multi Shot = classic D2 skill
    -Skill UI completely redone since last year. Compact yet accesible and able to plan for the future. Easy to read
    -Easier to make builds and respec

    New Class Skills
    -Barbarian - Ancient Spear ranged attack
    -Wizard - Meteor brought back
    -Witch Doctor - Spirit Walk for mobility, phases out into a spirit
    -Monk - Wave of Light, mystical ranged forward blasting shot

    New System = Traits
    -Passive Skills gained as leveling / every other lvl
    -Alter core attributes and aspects, strength for barbarians, elemental magic for wizard etc.
    -Adds lore and flavor
    -Unique to the classes
    -Wizard example Prismatic cloak w/ flavor text and increases shield effects
    -Why? For character customization. Replaces attribute point spending. More variety => more builds.
    -Active skill vs. Passive skill seperation
    -To do list = UI needs updated, every other lvl feels odd, might be too many traits/ranks of traits

    New feature: Talisman
    -Like charms in D2 but killed inventory space
    -Solved by the feature, the talisman, dedicated space for charms and space grows over time.
    -Limits number used
    -Charms will be for core attributes

    Skill Runes
    -Like gems but socketed to your skills to augment those
    -Provides "a $&#@load of builds" (direct presentation quote) = 96,886,969,344 builds per class
    -Runes can change performance & visuals
    -Change numbers? or... Zombie bears? obviously zombie bears
    -5 types of runes, Crimson, Indigo, Obsidian, Golden, Alabaster
    -Some examples
    -Crimson = damage
    -Golden = Mana recovery
    -Obsidian = Slows enemies
    -Indigo = Rapid fire
    -Alabaster = snakes on a... face?? (visual changes)
    -Seven ranks of runes, "higher ranks = more crazy"
    -Magic missile normal = 1 missile per cast
    - +indigo rank 1 = 2 missiles
    - +indigo rank 7 = a bazillion missiles
    -Barbarian weapon throw turns into corpse throw
    -in my words: Just pure win, makes spells just full of awesome
    -Toad blizzard and giant toad from Witch Doctor plague of toads

    Battle Arenas
    -Focus on team play, due to so many possible builds
    -counters very important
    -Awesome tricks and combos = Teleport into center -> AE freeze -> meteor
    -Going to be a best of # instead of just 1 round support w/ matchmaking + custom games
    -Progression based ranking rather than skill

World of Warcraft Dungeons and Raids
    Classic Dungeons
    -Turn classic dungeons into a brand new experience
    -Deadmines and SFK heroics
    -new quests and encounters
    -Quests are inside the dungeons instead of chains outside the instances
    -These are the ultimate climax for Westfall and Silverpine stories
    -Normal difficulty also updated - different encounters from heroic version
    -SFK - Lord Goffrey (sic?)
    -DM - Vanessa VanCleef
    -Goals = Less confusing, better pacing, and more fun
    -Methods = creating wings
    -Uldaman = 2 wings. 1st ends w/ Ironya
    -Maraudon = 2 wings. One for living like pre-waterfall then post-waterfall now
    -Metods = Trimming
    -Sunken Temple as example - cut the lower levels out, no statues or the troll named portions
    -Wailing Caverns - cut the horrible maze portion out.

    Raid Philosophy
    -More raid zones for ship - i.e. not just Naxx
    -Coolest encounters yet - Wrangling magma wyrms, sneaking around blind dragons, changing platforms to fight djinn
    -Bite sized chunks rather than some huge thing like ICC/naxx/ulda
    -Content for everyone

    Flexible Raid Locks
    -Dynamic difficulty like ICC
    -Normal Difficulty raid progress is saved on your character instead of raid ID
    -You can join multiple normal raids of either size
    -Per character 1 boss defeat each week
    -Heroic works like it did in Wrath, by raid ID, 1 raid, locked
    -Helps erratic play schedules and allows Roster/schedule flexibility
    -examples 25 -> 10 or 25 -> 2 10's, and even 25 -> 10 -> 25 again
    -UI clearly states which bosses are defeated already
    -Can link raid locks in chat

    Patch 4.1.0!!!!!
    -Firelands Raid - Plane of Fire, Hyjal storyline, home of Ragnaros, Ragnaros in MC != Ragnaros in plane of fire, 7 bosses, outdoors
    -Abyssal Maw Dungeon - Vash'jir quest line, Plane of Water, it's NOTHING LIKE OCULUS, 4 bosses, underwater plateaus to travel between, fully underwater, underwater but not annoying with new system

    Enhanced Maps (not before talked about)
    -taken off the dungeon maps for Wrath
    -Detailed boss information on your map; Lore, Loot and abilities (like Atlas addon) abilities linkable in chat, let's you see what happens pre-fight rather than dying repeatedly to learn
    -cuts down the alt-tabbing to informational sites
    -Boss 3d models
    -Both Dungeons and Raids

    -enhancements in random LFG loot system
    -Tough challenge to balance 10 and 25 encounters
    -Fine with the difficulty jumps
    -Predicting better pug experience in cataclysm rather than killing 1 boss with a fail pug and being locked the rest of the week
    -Shadowmourne and Vala'nyr going to 10 man loots?
    -BRD, hard to break up, so put in teleporters like Ulduar/ICC, super close graveyards (within 30 seconds to dungeon entrance)
    -Raid observation/queue? Really cool idea, something to talk about and bring up but hard to do developer end
    -Working on how to make players learn to not take damage, more visual, rather than stacking counters on debuffs a growing visual meter (addon possible).
    -Plan for guild bound Legendaries? Not currently planned, but was brought up before, might be too much to go after
    -Higher justice/valor point reward in 25s
    -If you join a raid with bosses down to you, you can't join raid until that raid has killed those bosses

World of Warcraft Quests and Lore
    All Q&A
    Q:Plan to do anything on the scale of Gates of AQ?
    A:Not quite the same scale but for now smaller, cooler moments

    Q:When will we see another caster legendary?
    A:"What do you want?" "What would make you happy?" Staff coming?

    Q:What happened to High General Terrelian(sic?)?
    A:We have every intention of dealing with that character in an epic and bold way, but no real plan yet

    Q:Caverns of time/infinite dragonflight in cataclysm?
    A:Count on it! "So bad ass!"

    Q:Saurfang clan?
    A:Blackrock, as of him saying so

    Q:Burning Legion = all life must be extinguished? or own legion of conquest
    A:The legion is based on "life = bad" => life = extinguished

    Q:Kul'teras not represented?
    A:Slow down and wait for it, but will come up

    Q:Any plans to add Medivh's staff back in game for those that didn't get the chance?

    Q:Windrunner family reunion didn't happen in wrath, any plans?
    A:Wrapped up

    Q:What drove Sargeras mad?
    A:Your hat (asker was wearing a murloc hat); explained before. Sargeras corrupted just as he killed the evils along a very very long time.

    Q:Lore about troll moonkins or plot to get rid of moonkins?
    A:"I hope so (to get rid of moonkins)", but yes there is definitely lore filled in about troll druids and forms

    Q:Intention of quest lines for upgrades to current legendaries?
    A:Not at all, items are meant to be used and replaced

    Q:Phasing up to level 85 content in redone Azeroth old zones
    A:Basically everything was revamped and do use phasing but as far as phasing areas to 85 that are normally low level then.. maybe

    Q:Garrosh was a whiny kid? Will he be a real warchief or another punk?
    A:That's kinda telling the secret, it'll be a huge theme in Cataclysm. Part of a huge huge overall theme like Thrall. "Because he's green and he's sexy" (about Thrall). It's all going to play out here in cataclysm.

    1000 quests developed in wrath.. 3500 in cataclysm

    Q:Medan in game with the council of tirisfal?
    A:still thinking of ways to bring it into game

    Q:Will we ever see a redemption/ressurection of Illidan?
    A:"I think that would be bad ass ... I love that shit" - Metzan

    Q:How are you approaching deathwing in cataclysm?
    A:Somewhere between BC Illidan and WotLK Arthas. Felt LK was present a bit too much in northrend. But when you do see Deathwing in cataclysm.. 99% of the time he will kill you.

    Q:Any next old god ideas and thoughts on killing of the old gods? Calamity with old gods?
    A:"You haven't seen who signs deathwings paychecks yet".. no spoilers. Nazzoth is the 3rd old god. Whispered about in Cataclysm. Responsible for emerald nightmare.

    Q:Taking down of benevolent characters?
    A:really good chance of the family of aspects involved in deathwings demise. How do you defeat something that is undefeatable. How will the family of aspects pull this off? What aspect is missing from the family? Earth. Family has been broken for 10k years. So a way Thrall can distinguish himself for the big win. (I feel it implies Thrall could become the aspect of the earth.

    Q:Any references to the novel "Stormrage" in cataclysm?
    A:Things are harder to pull off sometimes but it is addressed and game lore trumps novel lore.

    Q:Any kind of flag for RP or more comfy leaving it to community?
    A:Will bring up again in staff

    Q:Any signs of the demon soul as well as adressing of netherwing?
    A:Yes, but can't spoil anything. "Something awesome" - Metzan

    Q:Kezan going back or Undermine in the game in the future
    A:Yeah definitely want to visit those areas. It's a matter of when.. one day.

    Q:More cohesion between in game raiding instances?
    A:Yes absolutely. There was a connecting story in wrath raids but can do a better job

    Q:Lore about shadow priests outside of the forsaken?
    A:Working on it

    Q:What do you plan on doing with Kalecgos and the blue flight?
    A:Something amazing... Kalecgos will be the new blue Aspect, and just in time

    Q:Ner'zhul story line finished as well as Bolvar?
    A:Ner'zhul is done but as for Bolvar... it's still being kinda worked out. He's kinda watching the scourge but the future of which won't be gone into anytime soon.

    Q:Info on WoW movie?
    A:Happily reporting that the story is essentially set and just waiting for the green light to go.

    Q:Tank love for legendaries?
    A:Tank role is difficult as it's a small role, though highly important. Not out of the question but gotta do that staff (the caster one) first.

    Q:Are thrall and jaina ever going to get together and have a family?
    A:"Think jaina's got a little green fever going on?" - Metzan. Absolutely not. Read the shattering. He hooks up with a girl from Nagrand. "What happens to the boys Jaina dates?" - Metzan

    Q:GC promised a moose, where's our moose?
    A:"Damn that guy!" - Metzan. Ask GC 'cause they have no idea. They want a moose. No idea where it is.

    Q:Is Rag gonna one shot some poor sap like Majordomo?
    A:Yeah do you want him to do it? We would like that. That would be awesome.

    Q:Now that Arthas is dead, how do goblin and worgen become death knights?
    A:There is a story in the death knight. Requires a bit of suspension of disbelief. Worgen death knights are of Argul instead of Greymane. Goblins are not Kezan goblins. Also necromancy is not exclusive to the LK.

World of Warcraft Live Raid (Coming at ~8:30pm EST)
    Special raid made just for Paragon which would be awesome if we were on the beta server to watch in person.
    Wave 1 was 4 MC bosses, they wiped twice it was epic.
    Wave 2 is BWL/BRS, they one shotted it.
    Wave 3 was heroic mode dungeon bosses from Cataclysm. Wiped twice and the devs moved on to wave 4
    Wave 4 was Firemaw, Rend/Gyth, Vael and someone else i couldn't make out
    They beat wave 4, then deathwing flew overhead and one shotted them all, lol

Look over tomorrows schedule for requests! I work until 1pm EST however so earlier stuff will come later in the night or sunday. Since I miss it live i WILL be watching the class Q&A later tomorrow night.

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WoW Guild Leader

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 2:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Some interesting info, gotta say most of it makes me wish someone would come out with a new old school game :/

I dont really have any questions atm, but I will post if I think of any!
Lighten Up.... jeeze!
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The Angry

Joined: 22 Jan 2005
Posts: 1224

PostPosted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 8:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

MMO-champion has it more direct quote than I do, but obviously I'm not a stenographer or press. He did post it right as it was over so i guess he's just good over there.

WoW Open Q&A (coming up @ ~5:30pm EST
    Q:We can LFG across the battlegroup, but not a raid. Now with "single night" raids could an LFR system happen?
    A:There comes to be a lot of challenges beyond just doing them in just one night. The way we tune and the composition of the raid makes it difficult to just randomly put people together. It's an issue in heroic 5 mans as well as we want those to be more challenging than in wrath.

    Q:I was wondering if in the future there were any plans to give races across the board more customization than they do now? Races look the same in the same armor.
    A:We are definitely looking for ways to address armor across the races.

    Q:Any plans to add a guild merging system to facilitate merges?
    A:We don't have anything planned specifically for it but it should be easier to pull off in the new cataclysm UI. The UI will be cleaner and we believe that merges won't happen as much with the new guild system and will award guilds staying together.

    Q:I was wondering if we could have some feminine lead characters that don't look like they're from Victoria's Secret catalogues?
    A:"Which magazine would you have them come from?" Yes we want to vary our females greatly. "Would you want Sylvanas looking any other way?"

    Q:Any plans on female druid forms?
    A:Concepts are in existance but it may be tricky. We'll do what we can.

    Q:Any plans to make Fury 100% pvp viable?
    A:Fury did get a good deal of love in cataclysm. I think they'll be a lot better with heroic leap and new tools. Also we think there's going to be a big reemergence for BGs vs. Arenas due to rated BGs.

    Q:The mastiff just doesn't look like it's something you wouldn't be taking to attack Deathwing with. Looks too lovable not combat ready.
    A:Mastiffs are brutal dogs, maybe we need to take a look at it again. We'll give it rabies.

    Q:With talent overhaul and Cata on the way will there be more talent tree passes?
    A:Still in phase 1.0 of that overhaul so watching what really worked out we'll be able to keep a good lookout on what's happening with them.

    Q:In pvp some people can be CCd up to 20 seconds but if you switch to pve mobs can be CCd up to 1 minute. What's the philosophy on CC now and what might change in Cataclysm?
    A:It's a different answer between pvp and pve. We want more cc use in pve cataclysm than wrath. We want you to be able to use the entire set of your abilities. We only make things immune for a very good reason.
    As for PvP we want to slow down the pace of combat to make it take longer. With longer fights then CC has a lesser overall effect. Like 20 seconds out of a 3 minute fight vs. 20 seconds out of a 40 second fight.

    Q:Blinking backwards on the bridge in blade's edge arena, is that a bug being looked into?
    A:Pathing bugs and geometry bugs are a big deal to try and fix to not cause issues like that. We definitely do want to fix it.

    Q:I like the DK style in cataclysm so I'm going to ask a more fun question. The LK has some very cool abilities that DKs could use. Any chance of getting Defile or Infest type abilites?
    A: "level 90 ability right there"

    Q:In relation to on demand burst for the enhancement shaman, in terms of target switching is there any consideration in addressing the issue?
    A:We looked at every single class, ramp up is something we wanted to do. Enh has some challenges so it's hard to give them the burst we want. Unleashed weapon at 85 helps out quite a lot. Give it a shot again then.

    Q:Are there any plans for a melee legendary dps dagger?
    A:Can't say we have a specific one. We'll keep it in mind but we want legendaries to be used by a variety of classes so we don't really want to restrict it. It's a little dicey to make a dagger. "We decided on a staff yesterday btw, just letting you know" "We'll put a dagger at the tip of a staff"

    Q:Warblade of Azzinoth still obtainable in Cataclysm?
    A:Yes, everything but Atiesh is still obtainable

    Q:Avenger shield seems to be trying to do too much, is it possible to move the interrupt mechanic to another ability?
    A:We've talked about making sure protection has an interrupt. We're not against doing it and we should get there. We were purposely trying to use AS as a showcase for the new glyph system. If an ability is too narrow it can be boring. We like to make it more of a choice. Like now for more damage or save it for say straggling adds?

    Q:Has anyone given thought to changing the glow on DK eyes based on spec?
    A:The eye glow color has different conotations. No we haven't thought about that. We like the consistency. When you see the blue eyes on npcs etc. it really gives the defining statement of death. We probably wont' change it. Red glowing eyes are generally demonic so we don't want to blur that line.

    Q:Can arenas finally be balanced around comp due to rated BGs?
    A:We think it'll take a little bit of pressure off of class spec balance. We will probably leave them the same. Even though rated BGs are easier to balance we don't want to leave arenas out. Mortal strike has been tricky for arena balance so we have it currently down to 10% healing debuff.

    Q:Any plans for frost mages to have any additional water elemental abilities?
    A:Not really planned right now but always a possibility. We'll have to see how the permanent one goes. So depending on that we'll likely consider in a future expansion.

    Q:There seems to be too many abilities for Prot Pally. What would you cut out?
    A:"Divine shield lol" There are a lot of cooldowns now going on. We could have made things go away. We'll have to see with how Inquisition goes. If that's a PITA we'll consider that.

    Q:TY for PvE sub viable. Based on that it seems shadowdance ability is more of an energy refresher than dps enhancer.
    A:We want sub to be sneaky and attacking out of the shadows. Too much of that gets into what we're trying to fix with the Rogues. No 2 bit action. The movement the sneakiness are hard to balance. We'll see how shadow dance plays out and it's something we're watching. It's more trying to make sure it's not pass or fail.

    Q: Do you not fear canada or do you not fear Steven Colbert?
    A:We're going with hating canada. I think we discussed the moose mount yesterday. We want one. "I'm thinking sparkle moose with wings" -GC

    Q: In regards to healers I'm stuck on what to do with holy pallies. Is it supposed to be spirit?
    A: All healers definitely want spirit. All of the stats should be attractive and we want players to use them all. Not just completely disregard one. Right now there's not spirit on plate but that will come in Cataclysm.

    Q: Anything on the emerald dream in game other than the phasing section?
    A: I think you can count on it. It's a matter of when, not if. Eventually when the time is right you'll see the dream, and the nightmare again.

    Q: Dwarf shamans should have beer keg totems. Ever plan to let people use their achievement points?
    A: Depends on what you mean by use. It's more of just a high score type of thing.

    I missed some stuff here as the feed freaked out.

    Q: Do you intend to make anything beyond heirlooms account bound?
    A: Certainly we do like doing that. Account bound items are really cool. We do have to make sure they're not character power changing things. Many archaeology items and the guild mount are account bound.

    Q: I would like to ask for a closet like the keychain works for flavor clothing.
    A: It's something we really wanted to get in for cataclysm but it is something we'd like to do at one point.

    Q: The horde currently has two very shoutable very good battle cries. I was wondering what a great alliance thing would be to shout back.
    A: "Have mercy!" *laughs* We've experimented with a slew of battle cries. Nothing has ever quite matched up with "For the horde!" but when we find it you'll know. "We'll keep trying is not the battle cry"

    Q: In regards to mastery you stated mastery should dynamically change up the gameplay. How does the flat damage increases change the gameplay?
    A: Mastery just makes you better at what you do, so the hope is there isn't just one right answer on taking mastery over say haste and crit. Haste does a pretty good job in rotation changes for mages.

    Q: With all the changes to dire maul north will Insane in the Membrane still be possible?
    A: The biggest problem is the change to bloodsail buccaneers. It's kind of broken as it is right now. If there's a huge outcry we'll try to put something equally brutal in the game.

    Q: With the existence of pandarans being hinted at. Will the cataclysm bring them into the light?
    A: We'll see. They're super cool and an awesome content. Maybe we'll be able to see more of them in the future. We'll see.

    Q: In terms of voice acting i was wondering if you would open up auditions?
    A: We have a process. Believe it or not. We have very talented voice actors. Contest could be cool. Never know.

    Q: I am desperate for another character slot. Can we have more room?
    A: 12 for your 12 step program? *laughs* I can offer you another 10 slots for $15 a month *laughs* It is something that we've talked about. Just not something being planned on. We'll have to wait and see.

    Q: Would we be penalized by having to reforge for spec switching?
    A: The gear question is interesting. We like dual spec. We don't want just one set of gear to be the answer. The answer outside of reforging is to keep multiple steps. We added that as a small feature early on and it just kept growing. We'll have to see how reforging evolves. It started small but could be a really big deal.

    Q: What would be the incentive to do a 25 man when the gear is the same in 10 mans, other than more justice points?
    A: Something you might enjoy more? I think the jury is still out on harder. We want the balance to be right that it's not more difficult than 10s so there's no reason for the difference.

    Q: I have a lot of low level friends. Any plans to make it easier to quest with them without them getting penalized.
    A: We try to bring down barriers like that. We have the thought of a kind of mentoring system. We'd like to do it in the future just haven't had time to do it yet.

    Q: People love legendaries. We want them to last longer. Trade in for heirloom version?
    A: That would be pretty awesome. In the same time it gets a little bit dangerous to give incentive to keep farming for say the lvl 29 twink.

    Q: For collectors when are we going to get a tabard tab?
    A: We'd like to do it. It was in our plans early on. It's due to the clickable on use tabard. We just have to solve the on use ones to get that straightened out.

    Q: Any plans to bring Draenei off thier island?
    A: You're right I think we've done a bad job at including them. We've done better in cataclysm but it's not 100% there.

    Q: Balance between horde and alliance on pvp server?
    A: We need a better alliance battle cry. We've seen a cultural shift towards the horde for pvp. It's all the mythos and psychology of the horde. But really making the alliance proud to be the alliance we need to build them up. No real heavy handed gamepley things but we'll have to do a lot of little things.

    Q: Could you make the heroic training dummy more interactive?
    A: It's just a question of priority and time and getting around to it.

    Q: Skirmishes?
    A: 4.0.3

    Q: Implementing any new dance moves or dance studio?
    A: Goblin and worgen. but yeah we have some work done on it. just a matter of timing on introducing it. We have done some of them but it's lowest on priority. Once we have enough dances made we'll package it up and make the dance studio.

    Q: There are a lot of recipes you can't get due to no one running the content. Anything like alchemy research to learn the old ones?
    A: That's always a good question of how to support the old content. We could also take some of those and give alternative ways to get. It's something we should take a look at.

    Q: Any plans to do much with blood elves due to lack of them in WotLK. What's up with Loth'remar?
    A: So we have the new faction the Reliquary, comprised of all blood elves. Counter to the explorers league so they're a big deal. L'R we're trying to show him to be in a bigger leadership position coming up.

    Q: Will there be predictable high dmg phases in raid healing or spur of the moment?
    A: Both. We have random ones and predictable ones.

    Q: Ty for bringing back old BG style of doing things. Why did you change shadow priest from being mana batteries to a non-support role and just being dps?
    A: The feedback was players didn't want to just make others awesome, they wanted to be awesome themselves.

And I give up actually. It's cool but has it, well, perfect. Word for word. So I'm just going to sit back and enjoy it but go ahead and ask questions if you can't find anything.
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